Promo's Clips & Jingles

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Promo's Clips & Jingles

Post  Paulbee on Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:32 am

Ok! Jingles and Clips are like little audio ads that slot between your tracks on your playlists.
They promote what u are doing they advertise and promote other djs.they can be about all sorts of subjects,IE: Promoting a gig,Announcing a new show you are about to start.Raise awareness of bands and unsigned musicians & music venues,they also tell listeners who they are listening too,whilst tuned to your show.I will be making some clips that can be used by all djs.
My quest is to record your live show,select quotes you make from the recording and turn it into a jingle or a clip.this will be added to sound effects and music to boost the energy output experience recieved by your listeners.this will require a small amount of work on the DJ's part:IE:sending samples of a band you are promoting to me announcing certain Prompted phrases like "this is DJ*****,and You are listening to USMO.etc.Please be aware that these clips and jingles take hours and sometimes weeks to put together.So Patience in recieving yours to play on Your required.There is no charge for this and is purely a voluntary activity of mine,in order to help the listening quality of your shows...looking forward to hearing from you.regards. Paulbee


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